Sunday, March 30, 2008

30th B-day Gift Ideas

Diamond Stud Earrings

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Bathrobe (white with black monogram "ASM") size large
Monogram Style #8

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Classic Handtowels (white with black monogram "ESA")

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Martini Shaker "ESA"

Pottery Barn Terrycloth Cosmetics bag (white with black monogram "ASM")

Kate Spade Pompano Point 5x7 Picture Frame

Yellow Rug

I am thinking that a yellow patterned rug will go perfectly in my new livingroom (painted grey with slate blue drapes). This one from West Elm is particularly cute

Short Trench Coat

I'm looking for the perfect jacket to wear for my trip to Germany in the fall. Something light but still chic - this is a contender - what do you think?