Thursday, January 8, 2009 10 Resolutions You Can Keep!

1. Send fewer electronic communications; more handwritten notes
2. Celebrate all of life's little moments
3. Keep a weekly journal of what you are thankful for
4. Do a better job at staying in touch with friends and family
5. Use fun, personalized stationery
6. Eat dinner with friends quarterly
7. Buy yourself something small but fun that you otherwise wouldn't this year
8. Be more time you get an invitation to do something with friends, say yes!
9. Slow down and take time to really focus on what matters
10. Thank yourself weekly for all that you do for others

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micki said...

I work for urbanitystudios and ran across your blog. Thanks for sharing these resolutions. We found them to be fun and obtainable and we hope your readers do too.